Happy St. Brigid’s Day! Time for a little sprint-cleaning of the dusty cobwebs in your mind…
Below are two puzzles which are tricky, but certainly not beyond the capabilities of your average Knight’s Atari reader. Whomsoever first sends in the solutions to both of these puzzles shall receive one of Knight’s Atari’s highly-prized t-shirts.


A Skyscraper puzzle consists of an NxN grid, where each row and column must contain all of the numbers 1 to N, each representing the number of floors in that skyscraper. In addition, the number of visible skyscrapers, as viewed from the direction of each clue provided along the edge of the grid, is equal to the value of that clue. Note that higher skyscrapers block one’s view of lower skyscrapers located behind them.

Skyscraper 01-02-16NURIKABE

The aim of Nurikabe is to colour in parts of the grid such that each number is contained in an (uncoloured) island composed of as many squares as the number implies. Squares forming an island are only connected  horizontally or vertically, not diagonally. The rest of the grid is filled with water (the coloured-in bits).  The islands cannot touch (they must be separated by water). The water must form one continuous  chain and cannot form any 2×2 square, or bigger.

Nurikabe 01-02-2016




In celebration of the arrival of our new Knight’s Atari t-shirts, we are offering a free t-shirt to the first person who sends us in completed solutions to BOTH of the puzzles below. Sadly, we do not yet have the functionality to enable you to fill in the puzzles online – that would be pretty cool, and is something that we have planned for when we finally get knightsatari.com off the ground – so entrants will have to rely on their own ingenuity to send in their solutions to knightsatari[at]gmail[dot]com. That will probably be more challenging than completing the puzzles, to be fair…


 Tic tac logic

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