Films That Have Toilet Paper in Them #1: V for Vendetta: The Quest for Alan Moore’s Scorn (2006)

Films That Have Toilet Paper in Them #1: V for Vendetta: The Quest for Alan Moore’s Scorn (2006)


V for Vendetta is a swashbuckling tale of one man’s fight to remind the people of Britain what the 5th of November was all about, and why they celebrate it.

The 5th of November refers to the Gunpowder Plot, in which a group of militant Catholics, with help from the Spanish Monarchy, planned to kill James the Uppercase i, a tolerant and popular king who bestowed peace and low taxation during his reign. The book King James Bible is written about his life, and remains a popular read. The goal was to kill James and the House of Lords to instate the catholic Princess Elizabeth as his successor. Somebody got drunk at the wheel and they all ended up getting caught and killed to death in ways which remain popular on death metal album covers. The holiday provides an opportunity to get drunk and throw fireworks into bonfires.

The film stars Hugo Jackman as V (pronounced Five) the titular character, who is seen wearing a mask which pays homage to the movie The Mask — which was based on the character The Mask from the comic book The Mask, made famous by the movie The Mask starring Jim Carrey.

The film also stars Natalie Portal 2 who plays a bald Keira Dark Knightley, who gets kidnapped and put in prison so that…? Steven Rea-man 2: The Great Escape stars as a cop diagnosed with permanent frown-face. Steven Fry stars as an actor who befriends Hugh Laurie, forming a prolific comedy duo, and eventually goes on to host the talk show QI.

Ultimately, the film teaches us that artists lie to tell the truth (Stockholm Syndrome) and that if you have a metro line running right underneath the very building which has been threatened to blow up a year beforehand, you might want to check it for explosives. The film also teaches us all the words of the letter V.

Rating: V = IR

Toilet Paper Content: In prison, Sinead O’Connor finds toilet paper in the walls, soaks it in water and throws it up on the ceiling. It then stays up there forever.

by Romeo van Halen

One thought on “Films That Have Toilet Paper in Them #1: V for Vendetta: The Quest for Alan Moore’s Scorn (2006)

  1. I feel like you missed an important plot point in which the toilet paper’s intended use is disregarded and substituted for a short story piece written about a pile of vegetables that are abandoned thoughtlessly.


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