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Behind the Headlines policy and process

About Behind the Headlines

Behind the Headlines provides an unbiased and evidence-based analysis of health stories that make the news.

Each week the NHS website team selects health stories from English newspapers and media outlets. However, the service covers international media when appropriate.

Appropriate story selection

Around 3 news stories are selected for analysis each week.

The stories are selected based on the level or significance of news coverage they receive, and the availability of the source material behind it. Editorial discretion is used to select stories that are judged to be of public interest.

News stories tend to fall into one of the following categories:

  • health alerts or scares, where risks of a health condition are raised in the media
  • explanation of a scientific advance, such as lab research, genetic studies, or the development of a new drug or procedure
  • promotion of lifestyle change, where claims are made about the benefits of a particular diet or activity
  • changes to evidence or official guidelines, such as new guidelines, recommendations, or alerts from the

Researching the sources

The Behind the Headlines team searches for the scientific paper or background source material that relates to the news story.

Behind the Headlines can sometimes be based on media reports of conference proceedings, press releases or other material, rather than a published journal paper.

For Q&A stories, the questions that form the basis of the article are drafted according to how the story has been portrayed in the media, the original source material, and background information.

Writing and clinical sign off by Bazian

Media links and scientific research and other background or source articles are sent to , a leading provider of evidence-based healthcare information.

Bazian's clinicians and scientists analyse the research and produce an impartial, evidence-based appraisal or the response to the posed questions.

The article is then clinically signed off and returned to NHS website team.

Editing Behind the Headlines

The NHS website team edits the article for readability and house style, and checks that the analysis covers all the main points.

The article is then returned to Bazian for a final clinical sign off.

Final editorial checks and publishing

Final editorial checks take place and the article is published on the site, usually the same day.

Behind the Headlines content is correct at the date of publication and is not subject to review.

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