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What is diabetic eye screening? - Diabetic eye screening

  • Diabetic eye screening is a test to check for eye problems caused by diabetes.
  • Eye problems caused by diabetes are called diabetic retinopathy. This can lead to sight loss if it's not found early.
  • The eye screening test can find problems before they affect your sight.
  • Pictures are taken of the back of your eyes to check for any changes.
  • If you have diabetes and you're aged 12 or over, you'll get a letter asking you to have your eyes checked at least once a year.

You can get , including an easy read guide, an audio guide and guides in other languages.

Coronavirus update

Diabetic eye screening services are now running.

You may be prioritised if:

  • you're pregnant
  • you've not had a screening test before
  • a previous test has shown you have a higher risk of eye damage

Contact your GP surgery or optician online or by phone if you have diabetes and are worried about your sight.

It’s important to go to your appointment unless you or someone you live with has symptoms of coronavirus. All NHS services are making sure it's safe for you to attend.

Video: diabetic eye screening

Describes how diabetic eye screening is done

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