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ȤӮ羺APP information in other languages

Translate information on this website

You can translate health information on the NHS website using an online translator.

Although online translators can accurately translate individual words and phrases, they may not always be able to interpret the meaning of larger or more complex pieces of information.

ȤӮ羺APP resources in other languages

Find links to health information in other languages provided by other websites.

While every attempt has been made to check the accuracy of the information linked to, we do not monitor the content of third-party websites and do not accept any responsibility for any third-party website.

General health information

  • – a collection of health information available in different languages
  • – information for the public in 60 languages from the US National Library of Medicine
  • – find educational resources translated into 20 languages
  • World ȤӮ羺APP Organization (WHO) – WHO provides information in , , , and


  • – Arabic health website



  • – Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the US

Other health topics


  • – a selection of baby-related resources in other languages

BabyCentre – information about pregnancy and birth in:

Back pain

  • – patient information leaflets about back pain and sciatica translated into 10 languages


  • – information about the most common cancer topics translated into other languages


  • – the Canadian Cancer Society
  • – the UNICANCER Group


  • – the Portuguese Cancer League


  • – American Cancer Society
  • – National Cancer Institute in the US


  • – diabetes topics in other languages

Female genital mutilation (FGM)

FGM leaflets in:

Heart health

  • – order publications in other languages

Help with NHS costs

  • – help with health costs leaflets

Mental health

  • – mental health advice in multiple languages
  • – Australian website with information about mental health in multiple languages
  • Chinese –

Organ donation and transplants

  • – transplant and organ donation leaflets in multiple languages
  • – Polish transplant co-ordination centre

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